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They show you the steps to publish your ebook and print book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

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The Number One thing most people don’t understand about self-publishing.

If they buy their own ISBN number, then they are the publisher.

Amazon, IngramSpark, Apple iBooks, and other similar services are their printers and distributors.  They can use any or all of these services. They can have their book printed at an offset printing company.  It’s their book and they can do what they want with it.



SCBWI - Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

ALLi- The Alliance of Independent Authors.

Desktop Publishing Software

Books on Writing and Editing

Comic Life - Easy to use software to layout and format your book for publication. Great for first time authors! 

Affinity Publisher - Low cost, professional software to layout and format your book for publication. Great for books that have a complex layout.

How to Create a Successful Children's Picture Book - by Bobbie Hinman

How to Master The Art of Writing Children’s Books - by Bobbie Hinman

Bobbie Hinman shares her easy-to-follow advice on writing and publishing books that children will love. 

Write A+ Papers - by Beverly Herrick -Spelling, punctuation and grammar are the tools of your trade.  “Write A+ Papers”, uses the “Sentence Identification Method” to quickly improve your writing skills.

Starting a Self-Publishing Company

How to Set Up An Author Business- Covers the different types of author businesses and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

How to Start a Publishing Company- Great article that covers the steps and questions about starting a self-publishing company.

Graphic Software

DAZ Studio - 3D character software that authors can use to create their own illustrations for their children’s books.

Affinity Photo - Low cost, professional graphic editing software to edit your photos and illustrations.

Book Publishers for Self - Published Authors

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - Amazon’s self-publishing division. The best place for all self-published authors to start.

IngramSpark -  Useful for publishing hardcover books and books for distribution to bookstores and libraries.

Note:  As long as you own your ISBNs, you can self-publish your books with any distributor.

Copyright, ISBN,  LCCN and CIP Block

U.S. Copyright Office - Create an account and register your work.  www.copyright,gov

Bowkers - Where to purchase ISBN numbers (for books printed in the U.S.) eBooks do not require an ISBN number.

LCCN (optional) - Library of Congress (LOC) PrePub Book Link.  The LCCN is the control number that librarians use to catalog books. 

CIP Block (optional) -  CIP blocks for Independent Publishers

When the book is published, the publisher includes the CIP data on the copyright page (usually the verso of the title page of print books), thereby facilitating book processing for libraries and book dealers.  Note: A CIP Block is not required to be present on the copyright page.

Book Cover Creation

KDP Cover Calculator - Download a template to create a cover for your KDP book.

Getcovers - Low-cost cover creation service.

Book Brush - Easy to use cover creator for KDP books. Subscription service.

Comissioning an Illustration

Randy Gallegos’ Guide For Publishers: Learning How to Commission Illustration - A pamphlet that lays out what commissioning illustration looks like, what information you need to know,  so you can present your project to illustrators in a way that they'll be interested in working with you.
Download the 32 page PDF.

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