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Let Daz Studio 3D software draw your illustrations for you. 

Daz Studio uses the same technology as the latest animate movies.

Think of the Daz 3D as “Super Clip Art”.  You don’t draw your characters.

You place and pose them in a 3D scene.  Then your computer converts the 3D scene into a 2D picture that is ready to use in your children’s book.

Create pictures like these for your children’s book.

No Drawing Required Book Cover
Mango thief

Illustrating your children’s book doesn’t have to be expensive.

Kinder Mouse

You don’t have to learn to draw!

Ten is too many!

You can save thousands of dollars!

Tiny Ponies

You’ll use 3D clip art to create your illustrations.

Walter the Worried Schoolbus

Just pose and place your characters in a 3D scene.

Unicorn and Piglet

Your computer paints the picture for you.


The “No Drawing Required” eBook shows you how.

Toon family

• Designed for beginners with no computer graphic experience.

Unicorn and Unicolt

• Simple step-by-step tutorials.


• Focused on creating artwork for children’s books.

Let your computer do the hard work.
On the farm

• Written for writers.

Funny Bunny

Save thousands of dollars by creating your own artwork!

Character Sample

Customize your characters

Rooster in charge

You direct your characters. You don’t draw them.

Cowboy practice

Create detailed artwork …

Cowboy Practice no background

0r simple illustrations.

Tropical Forest

Estimate your art costs before you spend money.

The race

and the 3D software is free!

Dragon attack

Get the “No Drawing Required” eBook

 for a special introductory price.

Go Fetch

“No Drawing Required” is designed to SAVE YOU MONEY!

This is NOT AI created artwork.  AI artwork is very different from illustrations created with DAZ3D.  AI artwork can have copyright and usage issues.

Watch the video to find out how!

No Drawing Required Book

No Drawing Required is the easiest way for self-published authors to learn to use Daz Studio.

• Designed for beginners with no computer graphic experience.

• Simple step-by-step tutorials.

• Focused on creating artwork for children’s books.

• Written for writers.

Free eBooks on How to Save Money Self-Publishing

84 page PDF

87 page PDF

Check   Save money.

Check   Keep the rights to your book.

Check   Sell your book in the world’s largest marketplace.

This is NOT an advertisement for a self-publishing service. 

It’s a complete step-by-step DIY guide. 

You’ll learn how to take your story and turn it into a picture book or novel.  

These books covers the entire process from story to layout, to illustrations, to publishing, and distribution.

(Get permission from your parents if you are under 13 years old.)

If you would like a paperback print version of these books,

 they are available on Amazon for $8.95 each.



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