by Robert Herrick - Apr 15, 2022

Just a quick note.

The goal of this website is to save self-published authors, time and money.

Everyday authors pay thousands of dollars on formatting, art and publishing costs that they can easily learn to do themselves.

I am creating books and video course that will give you the skills that you need to get your self-published print and ebook to market without breaking the bank. My goal is to provide you with the information you need at very affordable prices.

Here the three things that I’m currently working on:

1. A FREE step-by-step guide to take your book from story to print. “Self-Publish Your Children’s Book Without Breaking The Bank.”, will show you the steps to publish your ebook and print book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).  

2. “No Drawing Required: Illustrate your children’s book, even if you can’t draw a straight line.”, teaches authors to use DAZ Studio, a free 3D program, to create illustrations for their book.  DAZ Studio isn’t an art program. It’s 3D software that uses pre-drawn 3D models that you use to create your scene. Then the computer converts the 3d scene into 2d artwork that you can use in your book.  

Learning DAZ Studio can be a little complicated, but “No Drawing Required” takes you though easy step-by-step walkthroughs, so you quickly learn how to use the software.  “No Drawing Required” focuses on creating artwork for children’s eBooks and print books.

3. Bad grammar and punctuation will ruin any hopes of a good review, no matter great your artwork looks.  For most self-published authors, it has been years since they have gone over the basic rules of grammar.  “Write A+ Papers” is a fun grammar eBook that will get you back up to speed.

“Write A+ Papers” uses the “sentence identification method”.  There are only four types of sentences, once you can identify them, you can easily punctuate them.

Where thing stand.  As a self-publisher, you will discover that there is alway more to do than you have time for.  

1. “Self-Publish Your Children’s Book Without Breaking The Bank.” - Is outlined and  about 50% written.

It will be a PDF that will be downloadable from this website.  I’m hoping for an end of May release.

2.  “No Drawing Required: Illustrate your children’s book, even if you can’t draw a straight line.” - Written and is currently on the final proofread before publishing it as a Kindle eBook. It will be an end of April release.  I’m planning to convert it to a print book. The conversion will take a couple of weeks.  The release date depends on the demand for a print version.

3. “Write A+ Papers” is available as a Kindle eBook and Apple eBook.  I’ve set a special price of $2.99 to help authors and students improve their grammar. Click Here For More Info.

The best way to keep informed about these books and other self-publishing info and news is to subscribe to my email list.  I promise I’ll respect your privacy and won’t sell your information.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the website.  I’m doing everything I can to provide you with the best options to publish your children’s books.

Best regards,


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