Just Announced: Cloud Rendering with Daz Studio

by Robert Herrick - Aug 2, 2022

I just received an email that Daz Studio has partnered with Infinite Computing to offer Cloud Rendering for Daz Studio.  

Accessable Cloud Rendering for Daz Studio overcomes the last hurdle for home users to create large renders without buying expensive graphics cards.  Daz Studio will create great looking renders on any computer that meets the minimum system requirements.  But rendering locally can take a long time.

I’ve looked into Cloud Rendering for Daz. But connecting to the Cloud and rendering has been too complicated for the typical home user.

This is a Daz Approved service. I’m looking into the details.  So far, what I’ve determined is that the price looks reasonable. However, It looks like users with a slow internet connection to upload files are charged for the time to upload their Daz Package file. (Which can easily be many gigabytes.)

The other issue is that users need to MAKE SURE they close their sessions when the render is completed. Just closing the website doesn’t stop the billing clock.  (Still getting more details on this). Looks like the billing clock stops after 4.5 hours on its own.

Overall this is great news for users who aren’t satisfied with the rendering speed of their systems.

Find out more at:

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