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Illustrating your children’s book doesn’t have to be expensive.

The number one myth about self-publishing a children’s book.

That artists will create the illustrations for a percentage of the profits.

Illustrators will NOT illustrate your book for a percentage of the profits!

You can expect to spend $5000 and up for a professional illustrator. 

The good news! You can create the illustrations for a fraction of the cost.

There isn’t one. The software is free, and you purchase the 3D models from Daz to create the illustrations.

Why you need “No Drawing Required”.

Learning DAZ Studio can be a little complicated, but “No Drawing Required” takes you though easy step-by-step walkthroughs, so you quickly learn how to use the software.  “No Drawing Required” focuses on creating artwork for children’s eBooks and print books.

“No Drawing Required: You don’t have to learn to draw to illustrate your children’s book.” teaches authors to use DAZ Studio, a free 3D program, to create illustrations for their book. 


DAZ Studio isn’t an art program. It’s 3D software that uses pre-drawn 3D models that you use to create your scene. Then the computer converts the 3d scene into 2d artwork that you can use in your book.


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