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What is DAZ Studio?

DAZ Studio is a FREE 3D program that runs on Windows and Mac computers.

Daz Studio is commercial software, not shareware or groupware.

DAZ Studio isn’t an art program. It’s 3D software that uses pre-drawn 3D models you use to create your scene.

10 steps to create a picture book illustration
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Think of the Daz 3D models as “Super Clip Art”. 

You are a director, placing and posing your characters in a 3D scene.

When you are ready, your computer converts the 3D scene into a 2D picture that is ready to use in your children’s book.

You can save thousands of dollars! Use Daz Studio to create your artwork.

“No Drawing Required” is the easiest way for self-published authors to learn to use Daz Studio.

• Designed for beginners with no computer graphic experience.

• Simple step-by-step tutorials.

• Focused on creating artwork for children’s books.

• Written for writers.

No Drawing Required Book

DAZ Studio is available, for free, at www.DAZ3D.com.


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